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Our primary trading commodity is gold. We arrange the sale of 96 percent-quality gold for remelting to refineries, where the gold is remelted to investment-quality levels of 999.95 and above. We also deal in remelted gold that is of investment-grade. We are able to provide LBMA with extremely substantial percentage discounts.
We transport gold to the buyer’s airport duty-free area for remelting at CIF delivery. Our notaries advocates are in charge of all contracts with our investors to ensure that all transactions are conducted in both parties’ names safely and accurately. In our gold trading, we use an escrow account held in Nairobi, Republic of Kenya.
Rough diamonds, copper cathodes, and other precious commodities are also traded by us.

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We create tailor made trade to Our customers offering the best in Commodity Trading 

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Our Staff listens to the clients needs and ffers solutions to cater for the consumers needs 

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We are a renowened company thta has a good track Record and makes sure that the consumer comes first.

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We trade internationally , so go on take that chance with us 

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Our Latest Service


We are a cutting-edge refinery that provides the greatest purity of precious metals recovered from primary doré that mining companies supply as feedstock.
Our customers profit from the skilled and knowledgeable employees at Gold Coast Refinery Ltd. who use the best and most cutting-edge refining methods to recover gold and silver at the highest purity standards.
360 Tons of pure gold may be refined annually by Gold Coast Refinery Ltd. (600 kg per day; 8-hour shift).
We can refine silver to a purity of 999.00 parts per thousand and gold to a fineness of 999.0 parts per thousand thanks to our procedures.
Our top-notch technical tools and expertise enable us to provide our customers with a top-notch refining service in the shortest amount of time.
Applying is Gold Coast Refinery Ltd.rigorous adherence to all environmental laws and standards, as well as tight Health and Safety procedures.

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Precious Minerals Mining

The real mining projects are for copper ore, gold, and diamond mining; however, we also engage in a number of indirect activities as we help other mining facilities on a technical level and with regard to their tools and equipment.
The enterprises are small, and the majority of them involve joint ventures with local governments and mining groups. The processed raw metal from the mine is then exported and sold for a fair market price.
Although our rates are reduced, they do not reflect the hopes of worldwide internet commerce. We don’t deal with everyone, but we do have our own production and don’t argue with a chain of brokers and intermediaries since we think most of those pricing are unreasonable. The only insurance is mining, and we will always have easy access to

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Assaying Services

Our testing procedures follow ISO/IEC 17025 guidelines. All sampling and testing procedures are carried out in accordance with Kenya Standards Authority’s National Standards of Kenya.
Gold Eagle Africa consistently complies with the highest production and environmental requirements thanks to the work of a highly experienced professional staff.
The lab uses a wide variety of testing methods, including inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometry, X-ray fluorescence (XRF), and cupellation by fire assay (ICP-OES). Testing strategies can be used alone or in combination with others, depending on the situation, and are applied on a case-by-case basis.
We work closely with Kenyan Public Regulatory to keep in touch with our clients, their representatives, and other stakeholders.

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Transport & Logistics

 In order to guarantee efficacy and efficiency in service delivery, we also specialize in the supply of logistics solutions, where we move cargo and process papers on behalf of our clients.
In the areas of Buyers & Sellers, Assaying, and Export of Gold Bars, we have added new services. We simultaneously clear and forward cargo at both seaports and airports. With a commitment to serving clients worldwide, we deliver freight and other services on time.

Our Latest Service

Security & Storage

When it comes to the security, logistics, and operational execution of transferring assets, we deliver complete piece of mind. According to the needs of the client, Gold Eagle Africa makes arrangements for the packaging, storage, and safe shipment of assets.

Additionally, Calvaire gold Mining offers:

Customs clearance & freight forwarding
helicopter and armored vehicle transportation for freight
facility for secure fixed-wing and helicopter landings
An authorized security service provider who can help with freight escorting and monitoring